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Past Events

Chinese Tea Ceremony January 28, 2018

Preparing for the Tea Ceremony

Eight different teas are laid out ready for to be served

Introducing the Tea

Our guests enjoying Tea sandwiches, cookies and snacks as Tracey gives an introduction to the ceremony.

The First Cup

Pouring the first cup of the evening, with more stories on the history of tea.

Rinsing the cups

The cups are rinsed between servings.

Blooming Tea

The hand-tied tea ball opens into a flower

Tea Tasting and Asian Art Sale 8/12/17

Tea Tasting


9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Free tea samples from our wide selection including:

Hot Tea

Iced Tea

Bubble Tea


Asian Art Sale

 We will have special one day deals on Asian art including:

  • Classic Blue & White Porcelain
  • Hand Painted Scrolls
  • Mother of Pearl
    • Wall Hangings
    • Jewelry Boxes
    • Tables

Tea Tasting 7/15/17

 Monthly tea tasting is a lot of fun.  Everyone gets to sample some new teas, and explore everything we have to offer.